miercuri, 29 august 2012

Mesaj catre domnul Jose Manuel Barroso

In atentia tuturor membrilor SCMD si a tuturor partenerilor din cadrul CNSC

Doamnelor si domnilor,
Va transmitem in randurile de mai jos, ca model, un mesaj catre fostul activist comunist, de tip maoist, Jose Manuel Barroso, care si-a permis sa se amestece nejustificat in problemele interne ale Romaniei. Mesajul a fost conceput de catre unul dintre expertii SCMD din departamentul relatii si poate fi preluat, semnat si trimis ca atare, de fiecare dintre dvs.
Individul in cauza, numitul Barroso, trebuie sa invete ca Romania nu este ograda in care se poata juca cum vrea el. 
Adresa la care ii puteti transmite gandurile dumneavoastra este:


Cu multumiri,
Presedintele SCMD,
Col. (r) dr. Mircea DOGARU

" Dear Sir,

It is for the second time when I am writing to you. The first time was before our presidential referendum.
In case if you do not know, I wolud like to inform you that your undesirable support for our suspended president was a huge mistake!
It makes me to think that Europe is not helping Romania but a small group of interests represented by our bigest liar (see the evolution of the boycot).
I am wondering how you will stay shoulder to shoulder with this  guy at a future European meeting?
Neglecting our people, 7.4 million  who voted against him (and by the way, do you real think that so many people made a mistake?) you sent us a message that you do not care about Romania, you took care about an ilegitim leader. Now, Romanians  think that theirs votes do not matter, so next time they will stay at home.
 This will be democracy? Your „friend”  does not represent me any more, and others 7.4 million of Romanians, the majority of our  politicaly active population. I hope you and Angela Merkel are happy now. Enjoy this!

Your sincerely,
Colonel (ret) V. Mihai "